Pro Shop

Pro Shop at Broadway Lanes

Not only is our Pro Shop freshly redone in 2019, but we are also a VIP shop for Storm and Roto Grip Bowling! Being a VIP shop we get new releases for storm bowling products sooner than the WWRD (worldwide release date). Both of our center Pro-Shops are ran by Brandon and Sean Bickford, both certified to professionally drill and fit bowling balls to your hand!

Our pro shops stock bowling balls ranging from 8 pounds to 16 pounds, with 15 pounds being our most popular seller! We do not have what you are looking for? We can have the ball you want within 4 days!

Brandon and Sean can drill a ball to fit any bowler, Junior, Adult or Senior! Have an oval thumb? That is no problem here, our drill press can accommodate you! Have arthritis or carpal tunnel? No problem there either, we know what we are doing! Come get fitted for the ball you have always wanted!

Our bowling ball pricing includes drilling and finger inserts (if desired)! Our shops are up to date with the most recent technology including Switch Grips and Thumb molding! Not sure what you need but your ball just does not fit right? Make an appointment today and get it fixed, and ready to join a league!